“Theater workshops”

Theater workshops 13.05.2018 in Katowice Reservations and details: mona_1978@wp.pl The workshop is aimed at theater lovers, companies who through art seek to realize themselves, open up what is closed in itself, activate the imagination and free the body from the patterns of life. The duration of the workshop is from 11:00 – 15:00.

Teatr A Part ,,Sketches about Ophelia”

Welcome to presentation of  solo Teatr A PART ,,Sketches about Ophelia” 23.03.2018, 7 PM, in Katowice. Reservations and details: rezerwacjeapart@wp.pl Sketches about Ophelia  

,,Body. A poetic performance” – festival event.

“Body. A Poetic Performance” is a poetic reading with the elements of performance and installation, created by two sisters: Małgorzata Wachowicz, a psychotherapist, a poet and a passionate of photography and Monika Wachowicz, an actress, a performer and a theater teacher, associated with the Katowice A Part Theater. 9.03.2018, Klub Żaczek, at 8PM in Cracow/Poland […]

Solo ,,V” by Monika Wachowicz

Welcome to presentation of  solo ,,V” 25.02.2018, 7 PM, in Katowice. Reservations and details: mona_1978@wp.pl ,,V” is a solo stage project created by Monika Wachowicz (an actress and a dancer in Teatr A Part) in which the actions are stimulated between theatrical emotions, body and dance. ,,V” in the heroine’s world becomes a retour to […]